Urs Wettstein

Zurich / Switzerland

42 years old

Urs is 42 years young, happily married, and a proud father of two boys. He lives in beautiful Zurich, Switzerland as the country manager for Skechers USA.

Sport and workout have always been an important part of Urs’ life. Running and mountain biking are his biggest passions. “Training in nature with my wife or friends and breathing fresh air while doing sport gives me the energy and strength for my everyday challenges.”

Currently Urs has completed two half marathons. His first in 1:45 and his second in 1:40. The next race will be his first full marathon! Urs’ registration for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon happened very spontaneously. “The original idea was to accompany another runner who was invited to the event. Running the marathon and crossing the finish line together – with a smile on our faces – will surely be a unifying and unforgettable experience.”