Thomas Benichou

Paris / France

I have been running since the age of 15. At first it was part of my physical preparation for the sport that I practiced at the time (table tennis), but soon I enjoyed running, and I continued. At 16 I left table tennis to devote myself to running, because the pleasure was significantly greater in the sport. I quickly took a liking to competitions, starting with winter and summer track. At the end of the 90’s road races were far fewer than today, so I did a lot of cross country and track during my early years of practice. It was not until 2004-2005 that I started to participate more regularly in races off stage. In 2014 I ran my first marathon in Paris in 2h30. In 2016 I beat my record in Berlin in 2h25’59, while wearing Skechers Performance GOmeb Speed 3. Since my first marathon I really learned to appreciate this distance because it requires self-management, but also a great deal of effort and experience.

From a personal standpoint, California is the honeymoon place for my wife and I, so it’s a great honor to be able to return to represent Skechers, especially since we had not had the chance to go to Los Angeles, a city that I do not know. From a sporting point of view, the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon is one of the most moving in the world, with a vertical drop conducive to performance. The weather in March is also very favorable and I looking forward to it to try to beat my personal record. Finally, I am excited to experience where Skechers originated, and I am sure to return to France impressed by everything I see there.

I have been a firefighter since 2002, and have always been encouraged by my superiors to try to make progress in all areas, especially running. Regularly selected by the BSPP (Fire Brigade of Paris) to participate in cross military championships in France, I had the opportunity and honor to twice go to the firefighters World Games. Being among the best in running has always been a plus in my work, and I won several awards for my performances. However, I do not enjoy special advantages to train myself, so I continued to do my job like any other of my colleagues. I was active on fire company – going out on interventions until 2011, when I took on an administrative role.