Supanooch Maneenate (aka Booky)

Bangkok / Thailand

I started running because two years ago I weighed around 62Kg. I never exercised and I ate a lot. I felt my body getting weak, tired and I got sick easily. Those reasons made me want to do something with my health. I try to be stronger by running, because it’s very simple. It doesn’t require much equipment.

I could run only 200 meter before I fell down on my 1st run. I try to practice and have patience to run for longer. Because I run a lot my apparel size went down, then my brother invited me to join his running team. This team has a coach to teach and train, which made my performance improve. Now my longest distance is 21 km, my mini marathon average time is 58 minutes, and my half marathon average time is 2.4 hours. My next goal is a full marathon.