Sophie Geoffrion

Montréal / Québec / Canada

26 years old

I’m a 26 year old professional nutritionist and the co-founder of HappyFitness, a Montreal-based business that helps women get in shape through outdoor boot camps and weekend retreats (mainly). I started running back in 2011, during the final stretch of my bachelor’s degree. I grew up in an active and outdoor oriented family, but let’s say that my university years weren’t the best ones, sport-wise! To complement my gym sessions, I thought of running as the most convenient physical activity: almost no gear was required and I just had to get out of the house, run, then get back home, so it was very time efficient! I gave it a try: a 5km loop. Gosh, it was hard at first! But I got amazed by the way my body would adapt to running. Gradually, I became able to go for longer and faster, up and down the hills of my neighborhood. Living at the bottom of Mount Royal gave me the opportunity to work out in the best outdoor gym of the city! And most of all, I realized how good running made me feel, physically and emotionally. Most runners will agree: it’s the best remedy to daily life stress!

Since that first 5km a few years ago, I completed 4 half marathons. Even though I set myself some realistic time goals, I’ve never seen running from a competitive perspective. For me, it’s all about feeling good and the personal challenge that comes with long-distance running. Running a full marathon is a dream I want to accomplish before my thirties. I honestly think it will be the hardest thing I will have done so far, but I’m ready to work hard to get at the finish line!