Rudi Schmidt

Wolfsburg / Lower Saxony / Germany

37 years old

Marathons Completed: 9

I am Rudi Schmidt, 37 years old; I am married and have 3 sweet daughters (including twins). I work at VW as a planner and I studied economic engineering. In 2000 during my study I have discovered the running for myself, because I could well switch off. With the years it became more and more, so that running is for many years my quite big passion.

In 2002 I ran my first competition (11.3km), in 2005 my first half marathon, in 2008 my first marathon in Berlin following a marriage proposal to my current wife :-). By now I ran 9 marathons (best time 3:13h in Hamburg in 2016) and more than 10 half marathons (best time 1:28h in Berlin in 2016).

I run from 5km up to the marathons everything with pleasure, but nevertheless, marathon for me is the king discipline, because the preparation demands a lot and if you reach your marathon goal a wonderful emotional feeling overcomes me, which one can buy for no money in the word.

My goal is to run a marathon in less than 3 hours by 2018 and to run at least one marathon on every continent of the world.
The Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon will be my 10th marathon and is the first on the North American continent with the goal to run a personal best (under 3:13h) and to have lot of fun.

A big honor was the honoring in 2014 from the German athletics association for me where I was chosen as the amateur runner of the year and where I was able to meet the best German runner Arne Gabius.