Ruben Geys

Balen / Antwerp / Belgium

27 years old

Ruben Geys is a 27-year-old Belgian triathlete/runner. With a lot of experience in mainly athletics, long distance and cross country running. He’s been training for triathlons and running competitions and has already obtained some nice achievements. He ran a 5k at 14’54”, 10k at 30’56” and a 21.1k at 1h06’56”. He chose to participate in the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon because he likes to have a new challenge! Ruben is part of LTtriteam. This triathlon team from Lommel, Belgium wants to train under proper supervision, both in terms of physical training and nutrition. They push their level higher year by year to improve their performance. LTtriteam wants to excel in every race where they start. They are promising and have many career opportunities. They want to make the triathlon sport more popular and hopefully encourage more young people to start with triathlon.