Rei Ueda

Tokyo / Japan

35 years old

I am a 35 year-old and work for a banking institution. I familiarize numbers and then, I love to gather and analyse running data, think improvement points for training and racing toward my goal. My best time is 3:32:58.

I started running by the opportunity of participating in the “Tokyo Marathon 2014”. I won my ticket to run this marathon even though this lottery is in a very hard drawing. Tokyo Marathon is the most familiar and biggest marathon event in Japan.
Therefore, (In other words) I HAD TO start running. But I’m pretty thankful for this chance to participate in Tokyo Marathon because this opportunity triggered me to become enthusiastic about running. My career of running is so short and I have to practice more and more every day!

“What is running!?” As for me, Running is my “mentor”. Running teaches and cultivates me to learn enjoyment, sadness, isolation, friendship, something that we need in life.

I try hard everything with enjoyment! I only participate in local marathon in Tokyo so far.
But I join this running team “Team R2” and all of the members of this team are hardworking and well-qualified runners. They encourage me to practice hard, and especially to LOVE running! Thanks to this opportunity, I’m going to try a new challenge, convey my message of running, and share the joyful moment with a lot of runners!

Next year, I obtained the chance to run the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. I’m so excited for this wonderful event and this opportunity enrich my running life. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to participate!