Melissa Santoso

Jakarta / Indonesia

Marathons Completed: 3

Melissa Karim is the mother of Jazz, her adorable 5 year old son who is the love of her life. Melissa started her career as a radio DJ for Hard Rock FM back in 2000. It was her dream job as a kid. Later on she also hosted TV shows in various TV stations, such as Silat Lidah dan Perspektif Wimar in ANTV, Breakfast Club in Metro TV, The Master in RCTI, Signature Properties and many more. Her latest work is “Salon Cimey” where she acts as the main character and produced the sitcom, which aired on Kompas TV.

Melissa is also known as a stage entertainer. It is her number one passion, entertainment world. She has been MC-ing all her life, so to speak. From birthdays, weddings, corporate events, government events, international conference, sports events, grand launchings, press events, marketing gathering, awarding nights, you name it, she had it! Her list of clients is just too long to be written here.

Movie making is another part of Melissa’s exciting life. She appeared in Berbagi Suami, Gara-Gara Bola, and the phenomenal Quickie Express. Also of the casts of Arisan The Series, a series aired in ANTV. Melissa wrote a couple of short films which are The Matchmaker and Perempuan Punya Cerita and a feature film Langit Biru. In 2015 Melissa is in Filosofi Kopi, Tiga Dara, Sundul Gan! Kasus The Movie, and Skakmat! In the same year of 2015 Melissa also produced a musical film The Three Sassy Sisters or
Ini Kisah Tiga Dara.

Melissa is a yoga and running enthusiasts to support ther healthy living lifystyle.

Focused, committed, excellence driven with a touch of competitiveness, make Melissa always strives to be the best of her in everything she does. Of which can be witnessed in her passion for yoga for over 10 years and become really good at it. Her passion for running has made her finished three world’s major marathons so far, the Berlin Marathon in 2013, the New York City Marathon in 2014, and the Chicago Marathon in 2015.

Being politically conscious has made Melissa keeps her activism in many social movements, especially related to children’s health and education, women empowerment, also human rights in general.