Jenny Yoczik

Redondo Beach / California / United States

35 years old

I’m 35 years old and mama of an adorable terrier mix named Ginger. I’ve always loved being active and healthy. I started running track in high school and then transitioned into doing more long distance running in college. Distance running was difficult at first because I would run too fast in the beginning and tire out. Once I was able to pace myself better I fell in love with distance running. It’s been a form of meditation for me and a great way to stay in shape. My fitness regimen is yoga and running which are great compliments to each other.

My first half marathon I did was in Nottingham England, followed by another half marathon in Hartford Connecticut where I’m originally from. After college I moved to the west coast and signed up with Team in Training to run my first full marathon in Long Beach, CA. Since then I’ve ran several half marathons and four full marathons. Last year I ran the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon for the first time. It was by far my strongest race and favorite one to date. I’m looking forward to running it again and being a part of the Skechers Performance Team. Ever since last year I’ve been running in Skechers and love GO MEB Speed 3s. They are light weight and a more minimalist shoe. Their apparel is great too!

My ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day, but more importantly to continue having fun running. We already put so much pressure on ourselves so I take a very non-competitive approach in running. I do it for the fun, being outdoors and staying fit. Best of luck to everyone in your training and I’ll see you in Los Angeles!