Ida Kim

Los Angeles / California / United States

I am a CPA working in the Finance department at Skechers and mom of two boys. I grew up playing soccer and also played volleyball and ran track in high school. I’ve always loved playing sports and enjoyed the social aspect of sports so just running wasn’t as appealing to me.

In 1995, a fellow band member, John Kim, was going to run the Los Angeles Marathon so I decided to give it a try. I definitely didn’t train enough but being in my 20’s, I was able to finish and decided to do it again in 1997 with a close friend. Because I didn’t train very well, the only reason I was able to finish was with my friend’s support and encouragement through every mile. Thank you Mike Lee, you were my angel. In 2003, four of my girlfriends (Liz Choi, Esther Lim, Jane Oh, and Jasmine Kim) and I decided that we would not only run the Los Angeles Marathon together but that we should also train together. Running with a group of friends definitely helped keep me accountable and finishing the marathon was no problem.

After getting married in 2004 and having kids, I didn’t have as much time to play sports or go running. However, my kids are now 10 and 7 and since I joined Skechers, the company has provided me with so many opportunities to get active again. I play on our Skechers’ softball and kickball teams and am also on our Wellness Committee. When they opened a training program for Skechers employees to complete the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, I jumped on the opportunity. Not only do I have a great group of people to train with, now I actually have a training plan to follow. I also enjoy running with the South Bay Running Club, who have provided guidance and support during my training. My goal is to beat my personal record set in 1995. I can’t wait for March 19, 2017!