Hamdan Syafril Sayuti

Padang / West Sumatra / Indonesia

X years old

Marathons Completed:

Hamdan is a well-known runner from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra. His career started after he won a race during his high school days. After steadily winning race after race, he passed the selection for Regional Games. Impressed by his high endurance during races, a former national marathoner gave him advice to join the marathon category. Since then, he started running seriously. Hamdan represented Indonesia in the 2015 SEA Games – despite the fact that he had no experience in national competitions – and finished in fourth place.

Regionally, Hamdan races regularly. He finished in second place in the 2015 Jakarta Marathon, earned a bronze medal in the 2016 National Games as the representative of West Sumatra, and is a three-time consecutive winner (2014-2016) of the Bali Marathon. His consistency is the result of his training routine. His morning and afternoon exercises consist of interval and tempo training, and long runs, which give him nearly 200km each week.