Gavin Wolfe

Los Angeles / California / United States

After joining the corporate tax department at Skechers in early 2014, I decided to make a lifestyle change to invest in my health. After all, this is Skechers, with an award winning performance division, so there is no better place to pursue health and have my athletic goals run in parallel with my professional goals. Soon after joining, I signed up for my first triathlon and began swimming to train. To me, this first sprint triathlon was a huge endurance challenge. I succeeded with a solid swim, okay cycle, but painful two-mile run.

Following the race, I figured that the best way to improve in the event was to turn a weakness into a strength, so in late summer 2014 I began to focus on running. Little did I know that focusing on my least-favorite exercise, running, would eventually lead me away from triathlons and toward ultra-running. Since running and walking the two miles of that first sprint triathlon, I’ve finished marathons (including two Los Angeles marathons), trail runs, and most recently a trail 50 mile run. Now running has become a limitless pursuit of new distances, locations, and challenges.

With consistency comes improvement, motivation, and enjoyment. For running, it takes a long time for the body to adapt to the stresses of the activity, but with mindful persistence, running becomes an immense freedom. I’m relentlessly pursuing progress, while trying to get the best out of myself. As a local native, LA marathons are near and dear to my heart; it’s an unmatched experienced full of energy, diversity, and includes the best possible tour of the sights of LA. On March 19, 2017, you’ll find me towing the line to compete in the 2017 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon.