Ferenc Rákóczi

Budapest / Hungary

46 years old

His running experience is just the past 3 years. He never did any sports but 3 years ago he wanted to change his life, and find something new to do. He wants to show that after 40 years old anybody can make a change and reach new goals. He started running with 5K then 10K. The next step was to get a personal trainer and he ran the first half marathon in this year.

So, this is the next goal, the next ‘mountain to have to climb’. Beside this he started training for triathlon as well. Now this is his new lifestyle.

He is 46 years old. He is a presenter of the biggest Hungarian radio morning show since 2007, and TV presenter too. He has a family with 2 kids, he owns a restaurant in downtown and he has a classic barber shop. The cooking is the another sweet hobby of his.