Colette McShane

Melbourne / Victoria / Australia

35 years old

I am a 35 year old mother of gorgeous daughter Isla with my partner Gary, also a big running fan. I started running as a junior, from school age athletics and cross country running, as well as doing triathlons. Now as an adult, I am an avid fun runner and like to try my hand at different distances and events. I run a fitness business called The HIIT Factory in Australia and we specialise in interval training, something really beneficial for runners. I have found that since adding HIIT into my training around 4 years ago, I am still getting faster each year even though I am getting older. Age is no barrier! I also run the fitness App PT in My Pocket as well as The HIIT Box monthly fitness box. I am pretty busy running my own business, but I always make time to run!

I ran my first full marathon in 2015 in The Gold Coast. The experience was incredible, although I was struck with an injury 8 weeks to go and it was touch and go. Fortunately it came good on the day and I was able to complete the Gold Coast marathon in 3:38 (the exact same time as Gary ran in Melbourne for his marathon a couple of years ago!). My goal was sub 3:30 and I would love to do that in LA.

I have been to LA once to do a course with Beachbody and just love it there! I cannot actually wait to run the LA marathon, especially as it’s the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. I wouldn’t run in anything else and have now been wearing Skechers exclusively for 3 years. Our whole family are huge fans. My day to day trainers for all things running and HIIT are Go Run 4’s, and I love the memory foam and bursts for casual wear. Isla loves her Twinkle Toes and mini Go Runs and will be there supporting me on the day along with Gary.