Chloé Rochette

Montreal / Quebec / Canada

25 years old

I’m 25 years old and I am the head coach and founder of Le Mouvement HappyFitness, a small business from Montreal owned by a trainer and a nutritionist. Our mission is simple: convince as many women as possible that being healthy can be A LOT of fun and quite simple! Many things make me happy in life, but I would say I’m the happiest when I coach, run, workout (play), hike, do yoga, travel and eat. I was born in a really active family and sports have always been part of my life. My first competitive sport was triathlon, but I also use to dance, ski, play soccer and more. We only had one rule in the family: no matter what sport we were doing, it had to be fun. This philosophy really stuck with me…in fact, it kind of became my job – to make exercise fun for people.

Looking back, I realize that running was always my favourite thing and the sport I kept doing from age 9 (when I started triathlon) to now. After quitting triathlon at age 18, I kept running because it made me feel so good. I ran some 5k road races, a lot of cross-country on the university team and more recently 2 half-marathons. I love running and I love to push myself and try new things, so running the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon seemed like a very exciting challenge to me. Now, my goal for the next months is to train hard, while running our business but mostly, to keep the process…FUN (you guessed it 😉 )!