Chan Kwok Keung (KK Chan)

Hong Kong

KK was a fireman for 35 years before he retired in 2015. He started trail running in 1996 due to the nature of the job requiring mountain rescue. Since then, he’s never stopped running – the longer the length, the higher his fighting spirit. This can be seen in his joining of Marathon des Sables (250km in 7 days), 24 hour ultra-marathons (200+km in 24 hours), and Oxfam Trailwalker – a 100km trail journey that he finished in 18h 33m.

KK is a famous icon in Hong Kong. He’s been teaching over 3000 students over the past 20 years without charging any money. He simply enjoys sharing. His running team Cosmoboys is well admired by many trail runners. In 2010, he founded another running group called Trailwalker Teaching Room to train those runners who want to achieve a better record in a race. The results are remarkable. Yet, KK’s ultimate goal is to help people achieve a happy and healthy life through running without much injury. He’s keen on training the trainers so more people can benefit.