Anjan Manna

Los Angeles / California / United States

47 years old

I am 47 years old, work for Skechers Information and Technology, and have a wife and two kids. My passion for running began when my son participated in cross country, in his high school. At the time, I knew very little about running long distance, but I did practice runs with him on the weekends in order to provide moral support and encourage him to stay healthy.

Just like any other runner, my first run was exhausting, even with the multiple walking breaks I had to take in between. However, I noticed that it was not just my son and I that were running—so many people, from children to senior citizens, were there alongside us, encouraging us along the way. I was so inspired by my own community, for they were so health-conscious and energetic whereas I was oblivious to it all. From then on, I wanted to become a part of that community and strive to become fit and remain active.

Slowly but surely, I was able to keep up with my son and started to enjoy running and staying in shape. Even now, after my son has graduated and gone to college, I still push myself beyond my limits to run farther. As of now, I am preparing to run my first marathon, for my experience with running so far has been amazing.