Meet our world class elite marathoners Kara Goucher and Meb.

Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher joined the Skechers Performance™ team in 2014. Her drive, commitment and determination as an athlete and in life are an inspiration to many. With fans young and old around the globe, Kara is truly America’s sweetheart. A competitive runner for over 20 years, Goucher grew up in Duluth, Minnesota and attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. After taking a brief break from competing to start a family, Goucher returned to competition in January 2011 and is currently training in Boulder, Colorado where she maintains a vigorous training schedule in between competitions and ambassador work.



2014 Boston winner Meb is known as much for his athleticism as he is for his commitment to helping others go the distance in their own lives. Every day he inspires individuals of all ages and athletic abilities to achieve their own personal best. A sought-after motivational speaker and author, he emphasizes that real victory lies in balancing a healthy, active life that emphasizes education, community and a strong moral fabric. Meb lives in San Diego with his wife and their three daughters. In between training, competing and making personal appearances, he oversees the MEB (Maintaining Excellent Balance) Foundation, which is committed to promoting youth health, education and fitness.


Training Tip of the Week

“Don’t try anything new on race day. Don’t deviate from anything that you have done in training.”
– Kara Goucher

Training Tip of the Week

“When I know there’s a big hill coming up, I mentally prepare myself to use the proper form for that stretch.”
– Meb